Saturday, November 23, 2013

Earrings or Shoes?

Apparently, the five minutes that I went into my room to get ready were about five minutes too many to not have Sadie and her friend in my sight. They locked themselves in Carter's room and found markers and made masterpieces on his wall and all over themselves. It was okay because a few minutes later, I found them in the bathtub happily pouring all the soap out and getting it all over themselves. At least they tried to clean up after themselves. Both of these things happened a good ten minutes after they got into the applesauce. What I don't get is how they manage to get into so much trouble and have so much fun doing it and coordinate their troublemaking so well when they don't speak the same language. It is kind of awesome.

Heather: Oh! The things you thought were earrings are really shoes. (Speaking about a box of dress-up clothes from Costco.)
Me: That's weird. I was sure they were earrings. (Disclaimer: From looking at the little pictures on the box, they looked like earrings to me.)
Heather: Nope. You were wrong.
Me: Are you sure they're earrings? 
***awkward silence***
Heather: No, I'm sure they're shoes.

I don't think Heather will ever let me pick out her earrings. Or her shoes.

Heather: Aren't you glad you have a really smart dad?
Preston: He's not as smart as Albert Einstein.

Heather took my kids to school this morning. When she got there, Carter realized he had forgotten his cello. So, she came back home to get it and brought it back to the school. About and hour later, just as she was falling asleep, the school secretary called. "Avery isn't feeling well. Can someone come pick her up?" Heather said she would do it in twenty minutes. A minute later, the guilt got the better of her, and she got up and went a third time to the school. An hour later, when Avery seemed to be just fine, I suggested that perhaps she could go back to school. Heather said, "No way am I driving to their school five times in one day! Avery can stay home."

At least my sister is nice and drives my kids around while I can't drive.

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