Monday, February 3, 2014

Run For Your Lives!

Sadie was sitting next to me and climbing all over me for a little while this morning. I was about to get up, but Sadie said, "Don't move, Mommy! Shhhh. Big Bird is tating a nap." I looked down on my lap, and there was a little plastic Big Bird wrapped up in a Kleenex. I carefully placed him somewhere else so I could get some things done. I was lucky he didn't wake up when I moved him...

Do you want to know how to make two-year-olds really mad? When they are hitting you over and over, just keep sticking your hands up so they keep giving you five instead. They will become furious and start yelling, "Stop giving me five! I wanna HIT you!" Why would such a small person want to hit you? Maybe you said it wasn't okay to pull your hair? That would do it. 

The hitting is much preferable to the hair-pulling, by the way. I can't seem to get those little fists out of my hair without help. She has been doing it the last few days. She thinks it is funny. It's the worst when she does it while Bill and the kids are at school because I end up losing a lot more hair when I have no help pulling her hands out of the tangled mess she creates. One day, maybe I will pull her hair back hard enough that she realizes how much it hurts.

When I was a kid, my parents were burning something in the yard. My sister was scared of the fire and kept saying, "Run for your lives!" She was a whole year older than I was, so I'm pretty sure I listened to her. Big kids always seemed to know more than I did about life and death situations.

Last night, Sadie had a BAD diaper. Carter ran down the stairs, yelling, "Run for your lives! Run for your lives! We're all going to die!" Preston listened, because Carter is more than a year older, and he joined in the stinky chaos. "It's okay to panic when it smells this bad! Panic in the basement!" he yelled, as he ran down the stairs to only mildly stinky freedom. (She initiated the dirty diaper when she was playing downstairs, so they couldn't escape the smell completely.) Avery ran away, after yelling at Sadie, "Sadie! You should NOT have done that! Now we all feel like throwing up!" It smelled exactly like the elephants at the zoo. It was so smelly. Sadie didn't like it, either. "Det it off me! It's so dross!" 


  1. Oh Melissa, you have some funny kids!

    1. Oh, guess it didn't leave my name. This is Leslie. :)