Thursday, February 27, 2014

I forgot to post this one last week

Sadie was sitting in the clean laundry pile, putting socks on her arms and taking them off to upgrade to new sock puppets. She stopped for a second to inform me, "Oh! My daddy is happy so much!" Then she went right back to her business. 

I love when kids are half asleep and say weird things. Preston said, "Mama, why did I just suddenly think of a snake with a mustache? I can't get it out of my mind."

I am aware it's weird. That I'm weird. I was putting some of my medication into the bottle I had saved from the previous month because I needed some for my purse for when I'm not at home. After I had finished, I almost had an anxiety attack because my OCD could not be satisfied when I had no idea which lid went to which bottle. I still feel a little bit stressed thinking about it because I don't know if I guessed right. Then I laugh at myself for feeling stressed about such a stupid thing. Then I feel like if I just inspected them closely enough, I could probably figure out which one is the newer lid. Weird but true, like the name of my kids' favorite books. (You know, Weird But True, full of weird facts.)

We went to Carter's parent teacher conference. His teacher had chips and salsa to snack on, which all of my kids love. Sadie screamed and threw a fit for quite a while when we took her home away from the salsa. When her words were (what's the word like legible but meaning clear enough to understand through the crying? I have been having serious problems finding words the last couple of days. Probably not the best time to write a blog post...) audible, she could be heard to say, "More sawsa! I need more of that sawsa!" It was mostly just screaming and making herself stiff as a board so we couldn't put her in her car seat very easily. I still hate tantrums, but it don't feel nearly as frustrated or embarrassed when they come now because I expect them. If Carter had ever thrown a tantrum like she does, I would have gone completely crazy. I was so stressed about every little thing with my first kid. It's like those Luvs commercials that show the paranoid parent with the first kid and the relaxed expert mom by the second or third kid. I'm not an expert, but I'm grateful for the experience that has taught me to be a better mom in many ways. I still don't use Luvs. I made that mistake with the first kid. The slightly lower cost of the diapers does not negate the increased cost of laundry detergent and carpet cleaner when they leak every single time. (I'm sure they make them a little bit better than they used to, but I'm not trying them again to find out.)

Avery and Sadie each drew me a picture yesterday. Avery gave me hers first. It had a heart and some flowers and was pink and purple and very girly looking. Sadie came to me with her picture. It had scribbles that she told me were butterflies. "I made you these butterfwies, but I need that picture," she said, grabbing the one Avery had drawn for me. "It's mine cuz it's pretty. You can have these butterfwies instead." 

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  1. Melissa - I am the WORST mom and grandma ever. Once with Kayla in Smith n Edwards, she about three, she had a tantrum...the kind where they scream louder than muzac or country, and louder that that woman in aisle 3 trying to return something. Anyway, I can't take it anymore. I borrowed a new spray bottle, filled it up from the drinking fountain - and at the next scream, squirted her in the face. She was so shocked she stopped...for about 5 seconds and then I squirted her again. It took only two times of going to the store with Grandma and then mysteriously it never happened again. It works and is not abuse, I don't care how many mothers give me the evil eye, I can't handle that stuff.